New Free Android Tool Haafedk Gsm V1

New Free Android Tool Haafedk Gsm

Haafedk GSM Tool is a software tool designed for Android devices, especially those with MediaTek (MTK), SPD, Qualcomm chipsets. It offers a range of features including the ability to erase FRP (Factory Reset Protection), reset passcodes, perform factory resets, and bypass authentication for various smartphone brands. The tool supports devices from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Samsung, Tecno, Meizu, Infinix, and more. 

If you are looking for the latest version or more advanced features, there are updates available such as Haafedk MTK Tool, which includes additional functions such as reading GPT, flashing, creating sparse backup files, and more. For MediaTek devices, it offers options such as formatting user data and backup/restore, among others.

Haafedk Gsm V1
Haafedk Gsm New

Haafedk Gsm Tool 2024
Haafedk Gsm old

Features Haafedk Gsm New Tool :

Haafedk GSM New and Haafedk GSM Old :
  • Supported Models: Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Samsung, Tecno, itel, Meizu, Infinix, and more
  • Erase FRP: Removes Factory Reset Protection from devices.
  • Reset Passcode: Helps in resetting the passcode for device access.
  • Factory Reset: Performs a complete factory reset of the device.
  • Auth Bypass: Bypasses authorization for certain operations.
  • Read GPT: Reads the partition table of the device.
  • Flash Brom Mode: Allows flashing of devices in Brom mode.
  • Create Scatter Backup File: Generates scatter files for backup purposes.
  • Format Userdata: Formats user data for privacy or troubleshooting.
  • Erase FRP: Removes Google account verification after a reset.
  • Backup NV – Erase NV: Backs up and erases non-volatile memory.
  • Auto Repair GPT From SGPT: Automatically repairs the partition table from SGPT.
  • Bypass Secure Boot: Bypasses secure boot on MediaTek devices.
  • MTK Flashing with AUTH Bypass: Flashes MediaTek devices while bypassing authorization checks.
  • Unlock Screen Locks: Unlocks screen locks on OPPO devices with Qualcomm CPUs in EDL mode.
  • ADB and Fastboot Operations: Provides access to ADB and Fastboot for advanced device management.
  • iCloud Bypass: Allows users to bypass the iCloud activation lock on iOS devices.
And many more features...

HaaFedk Gsm Tool Download Latest Version
  • File name: Haafedk Gsm Tool
  • File Size: 716 MB
  • Free or Paid: Free
  • Download Tool: Link
  • To Register Hardware ID : Here

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