SamFlash v2.0 Add FRP Erase Samsung MediaTek (Download mode) Add Setting Fix UI + Download on + SamFlash v2.0 FRP Support Model

Features SamFlash Tool :

Support 4 File Flashing :
The new version now supports flashing up to 4 files simultaneously, giving you more flexibility and efficiency. You can flash the AP, BL, CP, and CSC files in one go, or choose which ones you want to flash.

Support LZ4 Firmware Flashing :
SamFlash v1.0 also supports flashing LZ4 firmware, which is a compressed format that reduces the file size and the flashing time. LZ4 firmware is becoming more common for Samsung devices, so having this feature is a great advantage.

Manually Select Item from Tar File to Flash :
If you want to have more control over what you flash, you can use the manual mode, which allows you to select the items from the tar file that you want to flash. For example, you can flash only the boot image, the recovery image, the system image, etc.

Flash (High Speed) :
SamFlash v1.0 uses the Odin protocol to flash your device, which is the official and fastest way to do it. You can flash your device in a matter of minutes, without any errors or complications.

Extra :
SamFlash v1.0 also lets you customize the banner that appears on your device when you boot it. You can change the text, the color, the font, and the background of the banner to suit your preferences.

How to download the home binary
  1. OLD model : Download one binary "(BUILD VER)NX HOME.tar.rnd5"
  2. New model : Download BL + AP + CP + HOME CSC

SamFlash v2.0

what's new?

- Add FRP Erase Samsung MediaTek (Download mode)
- Add Setting
- Fix UI

Download SamFlash Tool V2.0 For Samsung Mobile

FRP Support Models :
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013G
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013M
  • Samsung Galaxy A02 A022M
  • Samsung Galaxy A02 SM-A022F
  • Samsung Galaxy A02 SM-A022G
  • Samsung Galaxy A03S SM-A037U
  • Samsung Galaxy A03S SM-A037F
  • Samsung Galaxy A03S SM-A037M
  • Samsung Galaxy A04 SM-A045F
  • Samsung Galaxy A04e SM-A042F
  • Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055F
  • Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055F/DS
  • Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055M
  • Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055M/DS
  • Samsung Galaxy A10s SM-A107F
  • Samsung Galaxy A10s SM-A107M
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125F
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 SMA125M
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125N

SamFlash Tool V2.0: Download [Latest]
SamFlash Tool V1.0: Download [Old]

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