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New FMI OFF Open Menu by Unlock tool

A new update has been released for the UnlockToo tool, and the update is explicitly specific to the iPhone and MediaTek, and the unlock tool is a professional Windows program used in various operations on mobile devices running the Android system. This includes functions like authentication bypass, factory reset, FRP reset, and more. The tool supports a wide range of brands and models, and is compatible with Android versions starting from 5.0 Lollipop up to the latest Android 14.

The update seems to have added new features like “FMI OFF MANUAL Open MENU” support for all iOS devices, MediaTek Dimensity 9200 (MT6985) support among other improvements. However, there are reports on the forums that some users are experiencing issues with the FMI OFF feature, especially regarding token data and server status.

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Here you will find the most powerful features and services of the tool :

New Security Patches [2022-2023-2024]: Updated to support new security patches, ensuring compatibility with the latest devices.

Direct Unlock All JDM Models: Supports direct unlocking of all JDM models without requiring an unlock code.

FMI OFF MANUAL Open MENU: Added functionality for turning off Find My iPhone (FMI) manually and opening the menu on all iOS devices.

File Boot Ramdisk iPhone + iPad to Bypass iCloud: Provides support for creating a boot ramdisk, which can be useful for advanced servicing and diagnostics.

Support for MediaTek Dimensity 9200 (MT6985): The tool now supports devices with the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset for various operations.

Auth Bypass: Allows bypassing authorization for certain operations on supported devices.

Factory Format: Provides options to perform a factory reset on devices.

FRP Reset: Helps to reset the Factory Reset Protection on Android devices.

Unlock Bootloader: Enables unlocking the bootloader, which is essential for rooting or flashing custom ROMs.

Relock Bootloader: Allows relocking the bootloader for security purposes.

Read Info: Can read device information to assist with servicing.

IMEI Repair: Offers features to repair or restore the IMEI on supported devices.

Remove Screen Locks: Capable of removing various types of screen locks, including pattern, password, and PIN.

MDM Lock Removal: Can remove Mobile Device Management (MDM) locks for corporate-managed devices.

iOS Support: Added functionality for FMI OFF MANUAL Open MENU support for all iOS devices.

Flash | Readback Dump: This feature allows for flashing firmware or performing a readback dump of the device’s data.

Remove MDM Via Preloader Auth: Offers a one-click solution to remove Mobile Device Management (MDM) locks via preloader authorization.

Factory Reset | Erase FRP: Provides options for factory resetting devices and erasing Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

Remove Demo: Can remove demo mode from devices that are stuck in retail mode.

iCloud Bypass Hello/Passcode: This feature allows users to turn off the iCloud activation lock and access the home screen menu on all iOS devices.

Improved Fix Connect Server Proxy: Enhances the connection stability between the device and the server, ensuring smoother operations.

Support for Latest iOS Versions: The tool is updated to work with all versions of iOS, ensuring compatibility with the latest iPhone models.

Support for Latest Devices: Continuously updated to support the latest models and security patches

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