TIRA Sim Unlocker Tool Latest Version Added New Functions FRP Samsung

TIRA Unlocker Tool Latest Version

Tira Unlocker is a tool that allows users to perform various operations on smartphones, such as unlocking SIM cards, bypassing FRP locks, flashing firmware, and reading codes. It supports Samsung, Vivo, Motorola, ZTE, Alcatel, Xiaomi, and other brands. It also has a login system that requires users to register with their email address and purchase credits to use the paid services. Tira Unlocker claims to have some unique features, such as supporting more than LG models, bypassing Mi account for all MTK and Qualcomm devices, and converting fastboot mode to EDL mode. However, the tool may not be compatible with the latest versions of Android or some devices, and it may pose some risks to the user’s data and security. Therefore, users should be careful and backup their data before using the tool.

What's new ?

Added Reset FRP Samsung via Download Mode

List of supported devices Reset FRP via Download Mode :

- Galaxy A12 SM-A125F
- Galaxy A12 SMA125M
- Galaxy A12 SM-A125N
- Galaxy A12 SM-A125U
- Galaxy A12 SM-A125U1
- Galaxy A12 SM-A125W
- Galaxy A12 SM-S127DL
- Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136B
- Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136U
- Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136U1
- Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136W
- Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136F
- Galaxy A13 5G SM-S136DL
- Galaxy A13 SM-A137F
- Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146U
- Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146U1
- Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146W
- Galaxy A14 5G SM-S146DL
- Galaxy A15 SM-A155F
- Galaxy A15 SM-A155F/DS
- Galaxy A15 SM-A155M
- Galaxy A15 SM-A155M/DS
- Galaxy A15 SM-A155P
- Galaxy A15 SM-A155R
- Galaxy A21 SM-S215DL
- Galaxy A21 SM-A215U1
- Galaxy A21 SM-A215U
- Galaxy A21 SM-A215W
- Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226B
- Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226B
- Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226B/DS
- Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226BR
- Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226BR
- Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226L
- Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245F
- Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245F/DS
- Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245F/DSN
- Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245M
- Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245M/DS
- Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245N
- Galaxy A31 SM-A315F
- Galaxy A31 SM-A315G
- Galaxy A31 SM-A315N
- Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326B
- Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326BR
- Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326U
- Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326W
- Galaxy A32 5G SM-S326DL
- Galaxy A32 SM-A325F
- Galaxy A32 SM-A325M
- Galaxy A32 SM-A325N
- Galaxy A41 SM-A415F
- Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F
- Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013G
- Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013M
- Galaxy A02 A022M
- Galaxy A02 SM-A022F
- Galaxy A02 SM-A022G
- Galaxy A03S SM-A037F
- Galaxy A03S SM-A037M
- Galaxy A03S SM-A037U
- Galaxy A03S SM-A037U1
- Galaxy A03S SM-S134DL
- Galaxy A04 SM-A045F
- Galaxy A04e SM-A042F
- Galaxy A05 SM-A055F
- Galaxy A05 SM-A055F/DS
- Galaxy A05 SM-A055M
- Galaxy A05 SM-A055M/DS
- Galaxy A10s SM-A107F
- Galaxy A10s SM-A107M
- Galaxy F04 SM-E045F
- Galaxy F04 SM-E045F/DS
- Galaxy F22 SM-E225F
- Galaxy F42 5G SM-E426B
- Galaxy F42 5G SM-E426S
- Galaxy F42 5G SM-E426B/DS
- Galaxy Jump 5G SM-A326K
- Galaxy M01 Core SM-M013F
- Galaxy M01 SM-M015F
- Galaxy M01 SM-M015G
- Galaxy M01s SM-M017F
- Galaxy M02 SM-M022F
- Galaxy M02 SM-M022G
- Galaxy M02 SM-M022M
- Galaxy M02 SM-M022FV
- Galaxy M13 5G SM-M136B
- Galaxy M13 5G SM-M136B/DS
- Galaxy M22 SM-M225F
- Galaxy M32 SM-M325F
- Galaxy M32 SM-M325FV
- Galaxy M53 5G SM-M536B
- Galaxy Tab A7 Lite SM-T225N
- Tab A7 Lite LTE SM-T225
- Tab A7 Lite SM-T227
- Galaxy grand prime plus SM-G532F
- Galaxy grand prime plus SM-G532FD
- Galaxy grand prime plus SM-G532M
- Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532MT
- Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G
- Galaxy J7 Max SM-G615F
- Galaxy J7 Max SM-G615FU

and More...

Features Tira Unlocker Tool :
  • Bypass Mi Account
  • MTK unlock Bootloader
  • Unlock SIM Network
  • Reset Google FRP
  • Qualcomm Diag Oprations
  • Fastboot Flasher
  • MTK Direct Flasher
  • Qualcomm Flasher
  • Bypass Mi Acc MTK
  • Repair IMEI Vivo
  • Remove Vivo Demo
  • Backup Security Data
  • Reset Userlock Vivo
  • ResetUserlock Oppo
  • RPMB Read & Write
  • Samsung Knox Guard
  • Remove Huawei ID
  • Remove OPPO ID
  • Dump UFS/EMMC
  • Patch Orange State
  • Change CSC Samsung
  • Change LG Carrier
  • Unlock SIM MTK LG
  • Unlock Bootloader Vivo
  • Fastboot To EDL Vivo
  • Format userdata Vivo

Supported Models :
  • LG
  • OPPO
  • VIVO
  • ZTE
  • Other Models

File Name : TIRA Unlocker Tool
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