New HaaFedk iCloud Bypass Tool [FREE]

HaaFedk iCloud Bypass Tool [FREE]

Haafedk iCloud Bypass Tool For Windows Computer. It allowed users to bypass iCloud Locked From iOS 15 to 16 with a free ECID Register option. the tool comes fully free you do not charge anything for using the tool. in this update, some minor bugs were fixed, and complete change the layout of the tool. if you need more about the tool for this simply scroll down and check the What's new section.

Note: to register the ECID you can click on the  "SN/Registration FREE" button once you have clicked here you can redirect to a webpage their enter the all details required.

Ramdisk Options :

Device Compatibility Check: Ensure your device is compatible with ease.

iOS Booting (iOS 15 or iOS 16): Boot your device's iOS smoothly.

Ramdisk Full Reset: Effortlessly initiate a complete device reset. Passcode Functionality

Backup Passcode: Securely back up your passcode for added convenience.

Read Owner Information: Retrieve essential owner details with ease.

Passcode Activation: Activate your passcode securely. Hello Screen Customization

Activation Creation: Tailor your device's activation to your preferences.

Hello Activation: Seamlessly activate your device's Hello Screen.

Data Erasure: Swiftly erase all data while managing the Hello Screen. Purple Mode

Boot Purple Mode: Run the device in hidden Diagnostic Mode.

Change SN: Replace the serial number of your iPhone.

Factory Reset: Initiate a device reset, returning it to its factory settings.

Fix Diag Recovery: Resolve issues related to Diagnostic Recovery.

Processors supported in the Tool :

A7       - iPad Air 1st gen (Cellular Model)
A8X    - iPad Air 2nd gen (Cellular Model)
A8       - iPad Mini 4th gen (Cellular Model)
A9X    - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 1st gen (Cellular Model)
A10X  - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 2nd gen (Cellular Model)/ iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 1st gen (Cellular Model)
A9       - iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus/ iPhone SE/ iPad 5th gen (Cellular Model)
A10     - iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus/ iPad 6th gen (Cellular Model)/ iPad 7th gen (Cellular Model)
A11     - iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus/ and iPhone X

Features Haafedk iCloud Tool :
  • Check Device
  • Read iCloud Info
  • Generate Activation Hello
  • Erase All Data iOS (15/16)
  • Hello Activate iOS (15/16)
  • Passcode Backup
  • Passcode Activate
  • Boot Device
  • Erase iDevice
  • Change SN
  • Boot Purple
  • Load ports
  • Select Port Number
  • Jailbreak Checkra1n
  • Fix Diag Recovery
  • Factory Reset
  • Activate Tool Free
  • SN/Registration Free

What's new ?
  • Skip devices from the opening after creating a file to skip 
  • Make a RAM disk for all versions between releases of iOS 15 and 16

Important: You must close any antivirus program because the tool is protected

File Name : HaaFedk iCloud Free v3.3
File Size : 247 MB
Download link : Link 📥

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