MediaTek Unlock and Flashing Windows Tool [Free]

MediaTek Unlock and Flashing Windows Tool [Free]

Gorontalo MTK Pro Tool A Complete Toolkit for MediaTek Devices
Gorontalo MTK Pro Tool is a lightweight yet powerful software application designed specifically for Windows computers. It caters to users seeking to address various issues on their Android devices powered by MediaTek processors. This versatile tool offers a comprehensive range of features, enabling users to perform tasks such as flashing devices, bypassing auto authentication, and erasing FRP locks.

A new breakthrough tool for Mediatek with the latest security tools 2023-2024.

Helps complete your device's key repair work.

Support Operate : 
  • Erase All Frp
  • Erase Frp New OS
  • Format Unlock
  • Format Old Type
  • Save Format Data
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader
  • SOC Info
  • Flashing
  • BackUp
  • Restore
  • Remove Demo
  • MiCloud

Features Gorontalo MTK Pro :

FORMAT FACTORY: This feature facilitates the formatting of various partitions on the device, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

FORMAT OLD TYPE: This feature caters to older MediaTek devices, enabling users to format partitions using legacy methods.

ERASE FRP: This feature effectively removes FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks, allowing users to bypass Google's security measures.

ERASE FRP NEW OS: This feature specifically targets devices running on newer Android versions, providing a seamless FRP removal solution.

ERASE FRP (SAMSUNG): This feature caters exclusively to Samsung devices, offering a dedicated FRP removal method tailored to the brand's unique implementation.

ERASE MI CLOUD TAM: This feature effectively removes Mi Cloud TAM locks, granting users access to their Xiaomi devices without restrictions.

ERASE W (BASEBAND): This feature enables the erasure of the baseband partition, addressing various network-related issues.

SAFE FORMAT DATA: This feature performs a secure data format, ensuring that all sensitive information is completely wiped from the device.

BACKUP OEM (HUAWEI): This feature creates a backup of Huawei's proprietary OEM information, allowing for future restoration.

RESTORE OEM (HUAWEI): This feature restores Huawei's proprietary OEM information, enabling users to revert to previous configurations.

UBL (BOOTLOADER): This feature facilitates the unlocking and flashing of the device's bootloader, granting users greater control over the device's software.

ERASE DEMO CPH /RMXV: This feature removes demo restrictions on specific Oppo and Realme devices.

ERASE DEMO VIVO: This feature eliminates demo limitations on Vivo smartphones.
READ DUMP PRELOADER: This feature extracts the preloader dump, providing valuable information for troubleshooting purposes.

BACKUP DUMP BOOT: This feature creates a backup of the boot dump, allowing users to restore it in case of any issues.

What's new
  • New UI
  • Bugs fixed
  • Flashing Added

File Name : Gorontalo MTK Pro Tool [FREE]
File Size : 119 MB
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