New Free Xiaomi Checking Tool By Mahar 2023

Xiaomi Checking Tool By Mahar 2023

Xiaomi is the most trending company in the world, but if you have users and are stuck on any software problem then need software that helps you to fix your mobile. Because their products can be secure, there are conditions when you may be required to do a factory reset or solve a problem. You may perform both of these tasks with the help of the open tool called the Xiaomi Checking Tool.

Features of the Xiaomi Checking Tool:

  • Find Device: The Xiaomi Checking Tool allows you to track and locate your Xiaomi device, even if it is lost or stolen. Two Find Device servers enable this feature so that you are able to find your device even in tough network conditions.
  • Region Check Sideload Mode: Xiaomi devices come with a range of region-specific features and settings. The Region Check Sideload Mode allows you to verify and manage the region settings on your device, ensuring that it operates optimally based on your location and preferences.
  • Factory Reset: If your Xiaomi device is experiencing performance issues or you are preparing to sell it, the Xiaomi Checking Tool can help you perform a factory reset.
  • Reboot: If your Xiaomi device is experiencing minor issues, a simple reboot may be all that is needed to fix them. The Xiaomi Checking Tool allows you to initiate a quick reboot at your convenience.

How did functions work?

Find Device

To use the Find Device feature, select the "Find Device" tab in the Xiaomi Checking Tool. 

Region Check Sideload Mode

To use the Region Check Sideload Mode, select the "Region Check Sideload Mode" tab in the Xiaomi Checking Tool. The tool will then display the current region settings on your device. You can then change these settings if needed.

Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset, select the "Factory Reset" tab in the Xiaomi Checking Tool.


To reboot your device, select the "Reboot" tab in the Xiaomi Checking Tool.


Users of Xiaomi devices can benefit from the Xiaomi Checking Tool. You can use it to find and locate devices, confirm and manage region settings, do factory resets, and reboot devices. I suggest downloading and installing the Xiaomi Checking Tool if you use a Xiaomi device. Continuous time, as well as play saves, are possible with this free and simple-to-use solution.

File Name : Xiaomi Checking Tool [ FREE ]
File Size : 3 MB
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