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iRemoval PRO is a popular tool that can be used to bypass the iCloud activation lock on iPhones and iPads. The latest version, iRemoval PRO V6.4, has been released with a fix for the SIMLock Policies bug.

The SIMLock Policies bug prevented users from using certain SIM cards on their devices after the activation lock was bypassed. This bug has now been fixed in iRemoval PRO V6.4, so users can now use any SIM card they want.

What is iRemoval PRO?
iRemoval PRO is a new tool for unlocking iOS devices. On Apple smartphones running iOS 12 through iOS 16, it offers an in-depth way to get to the Hello screen and the Activation Lock. To get above the iCloud activation lock, this advanced program uses a powerful checkm8 at risk or takes benefit from losing out Apple servers. Its use is improved by the inclusion of an iOS jailbreak feature based on checkra1n for Windows.

Device Compatibility
iRemoval PRO is compatible with iPhones equipped with A7 to A11 chips. This extensive compatibility means you can utilize it to unlock your Apple ID or disable Find My iPhone without needing a password. To ensure you understand what can be unlocked on your particular device running a specific iOS version, it's advisable to consult the developer for guidance.

Special Features iRemoval Pro :

iRemoval PRO offers specialized support for various devices and versions:
  1.  A12 Devices: For A12powered devices such as the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3, and iPad 8, iRemoval PRO provides a Hello Screen full bypass. This feature is available exclusively in Algeria and China due to its reliance on a hardware vulnerability.
  1. 2. A13 Support: iRemoval PRO is also planning to support A13 devices, further expanding its compatibility and usefulness.

iRemoval PRO v6.4
Fixed SIMLock Policies Bug: This update fixed issues with unsupported devices related to SIMLock policies. Users who previously encountered this bug are advised to recheck their devices using the latest update.

iRemoval PRO v6.3
Full Bypass Servers Online: After a maintenance delay, the full bypass servers are back online and functioning smoothly. New discounts on services will be applied soon to compensate for any inconvenience.

iRemoval PRO v6.2 & iRa1n v4.2
Added iOS 16.6 Support: The latest update includes support for iOS 16.6, ensuring compatibility with the most recent iOS version.

iRemoval PRO v6.1
Major Bug Fixes: This update addresses significant bugs, enhancing the overall performance and stability of iRemoval PRO.
Compatibility Checker: A compatibility checker has been added to facilitate SN registration.
TestMode Check: iRa1n now includes a TestMode check, which must be disabled to run iRa1n successfully.

iRemoval PRO v5.9.7
iOS 16.4 Support: iPhone 8/8+/X users can now enjoy support for iOS 16.4.
T2 Device Note: The restore option for T2 devices has been removed, as the new iBridge is not yet supported.

iRemoval PRO v5.9.5 & iRa1n v3.1
iBridge Restore: This update introduces an option to restore iBridge for T2 devices directly from Windows, marking a significant advancement in the industry.
Bug Fixes and Improvements: The update addresses random crashes and major bugs, resulting in a more stable and efficient experience.
Support for j780 T2 Models: Added support for j780 T2 models to expand the tool's compatibility.

iRa1n v3.0b
T2 Full Bypass on Windows: The exclusive T2 Full Bypass is now available on Windows, with support for the latest iBridge version 7.x.

iRemoval PRO v5.9.3 & iRa1n v2.3
iOS 16.x Support: Added support for iOS 16.x, including version 16.2, for iPhone 8/8+/X devices.
Bug Fixes: Significant bug fixes for lower iOS versions have been implemented.

iRemoval PRO v5.9.2 & iRa1n v2.2
iPhone 7/7+ Activation Issue Fix: This update addresses the activation issue for iOS 15.x devices on iPhone 7/7+.
Minor Bug Fixes: Various minor bugs related to the jailbreak process have been fixed.

iRemoval PRO v5.9.1 & iRa1n v2.0
iOS 16.x Support: Introducing support for iOS 16.x on iPhone 8/8+/X devices.
Windows 11 Compatibility: This update ensures compatibility with Windows 11.
Faster Activation Process: Enjoy a quicker activation process with this update.

iRemoval PRO v5.9 & iRa1n v1.8
iOS 15.7 Full Support: These updates provide full support for iOS 15.7, including signal bypass capabilities.

iRemoval PRO v5.8 & iRa1n v1.7
iPad Cellular Support: This version boasts support for iPad cellular models for full signal bypass on iOS 15.5 to 15.6.1.

Supported Models : 
  • Supported iPad models include
  • iPad mini 4, 
  • iPad Air 2, 
  • iPad 5th generation, 
  • iPad 6th generation, 
  • iPad 7th generation, 
  • iPad Pro 2 10.5, 
  • iPad Pro 2 12.9, 
  • iPad Pro 1 12.9, and iPad Pro 1 9.7.

iRemoval PRO v5.7 / iRa1n v1.6
iPhone SE 1st Gen Fix: Fixed issues related to iPhone SE 1st generation, preventing it from getting stuck during booting.
Stability: This version offers increased stability for iOS 15.x.
Future Support: Support for iPad cellular models is planned for future updates.

iRemoval PRO v5.6 / iRa1n v1.5
A9 (CPID: 8003) Fixes: Quick fixes have been applied to address A9 (CPID: 8003) issues, ensuring a smoother registration and bypass process.

iRemoval PRO v5.5 and iRa1n v1.4
A9 Bug Fixes and Improvements: These updates focus on resolving bugs and enhancing the experience for A9 devices. All A9 devices
should now be jailbroken without any issues, and crashes with iRa1n have been minimized.

iRemoval PRO v5.4
Checkra1n Jailbreak Detection Fix: Fixed issues related to Checkra1n jailbreak detection.
Passcode Untethered Bug Fix: Addressed the passcode untethered bug.
Improved Random Crashes: Efforts have been made to improve random crash issues.

iRemoval PRO v4.6
Improved Checker: This update improves the device checker, ensuring that all devices, including sim-locked ones, receive signals and support any operator.

iRemoval PRO v4.5
GSM/MEID Signal Service: For GSM devices running iOS 12 to 14.8.1, there is now the option to use the "GSM/MEID Signal" service via the web page if supported. This service allows bypass without SIM services for a fee of $9.99.

iRemoval PRO v4.4
Obsolete Version Fix: The obsolete version of iRemoval PRO v4.3, which caused issues with checking for updates, has been replaced with v4.4.

iRemoval PRO v4.3
Small Improvements and Bug Fixes: This update includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone
  1. Download iRemoval PRO for Windows: Start by downloading the iRemoval PRO tool for Windows from the official source.
  2. Unpack the Downloaded ZIP File: Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file to access the iRemoval PRO application.
  3. Run iRemovalPRO.exe: Launch the iRemoval PRO application on your Windows computer.
  4. Connect Your Device: Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.
  5. Run the iRa1n App: Click on the "jailbreak" button within the iRemoval PRO application to initiate the iRa1n app.
  6. initiate Jailbreak: Click the "start" button to begin the jailbreaking process for your device.
  7. Enter Recovery Mode: Your device will enter recovery mode as part of the process.
  8. Enter DFU Mode: Follow the onscreen instructions to enter DFU mode, a critical step in the unlocking process.
  9. Completion: Once the DFU mode is successfully entered, your device will boot into either jailbreak mode or iRa1n mode.
  10. Activation: Finally, purchase the activation for your iDevice and click on "Activate" to complete the process.
Unlocking your iPhone with iRemoval PRO has never been more accessible or efficient.

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