Free Qualcomm Flash image Loader By 9008 or Fastboot (QFIL)

Free Qualcomm Flash image Loader (QFIL) v2​
Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) v2 is a free tool for Windows computers that allows you to flash stock firmware or custom ROMs on Qualcomm-powered devices. It is a unique tool that can be used to flash devices in both Fastboot and EDL modes.

Features Qualcomm Flash image Loader V2

9008 EDL Functions:

  • Read GPT
  • Erase Partition
  • Read Partition
  • Write Partition
  • Flash Firmware

Fastboot Functions:

  • [Generic] Read Info
  • [Generic] Vivo Read Info
  • Set Boot Slot A/B
  • Reboot > Normal > Bootloader > EDL1 > EDL2
  • Command Line
  • Patch DM-Verify
  • Flash Firmware

How to use it?​

  1. Download the zip file from the below link
  2. Extract the all files from desktop
  3. Open the folder and run the " Qualcomm Flash Loaderv2.exe "
  4. Connect the device to the computer but first install drivers
  5. Now select which operation is needed and click on there.
  6. Enjoy

File Name : Qualcomm Flash Loader v2 [FREE]
File Size : 11 MB
Download link : Link 📥

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