ACT Unlock Tool 2023 [ FREE ]

ACT Unlock Tool 2023 V3.0

Supported Brands and Models :

  • ACT Unlock Tool V3.0 supports a wide range of brands and models, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, VIVO, OPPO, Vsmart, Meizu, Tecno, LG, Asus, Nokia, Lenovo,i nfinix, and many more. 

  • it also supports various SOCs, such as mt8695, mt8590, mt8512, and many others.

ACT Unlock Tool 2023 V3.0

Supported Functions and Featured Functionalities :

ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 comes packed with a variety of features that allow users to perform various tasks on their devices, including :

Auth Bypass This function helps users bypass the authentication process for certain operations, making it easier to perform specific tasks.

Format Data This function allows users to format the device’s data partition, which can be helpful when dealing with issues like boot loops.

Erase FRP This function helps users remove factory reset protection (FRP) from devices, which is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to the device after a factory reset.

Reset MiCloud This function allows users to reset the MiCloud account on Xiaomi devices.

Unlock Bootloader Users of compatible devices can use this capability to unlock the bootloader, which is useful when rooting the smartphone or installing custom ROMs.

Relock Bootloader This function allows users to relock the bootloader on supported devices, which can be helpful when selling the device or sending it in for repairs.

Flash This function allows users to flash firmware or custom ROMs onto supported devices.

Backup NV, Restore NV This function allows users to back up and restore the non-volatile (NV) memory of supported devices, which contains critical device information like IMEI and network settings.

Read Info Users can utilize this feature to read device details like the model number, IMEI, and firmware version.

ACT Unlock Tool V3.0

In addition to these features, ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 also supports Factory Reset, Safe Format, Erase FRP (ALL MTK), Samsung FRP (ALL MTK), Xiaomi Account Erase, VIVO Demo Remove, MTK Client GUI Tool, and VIVOV23e Demo.

ACT Unlock Tool V3.0


ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 is FREE an all-in-one software tool that offers a comprehensive solution for unlocking and maintaining mobile phones.
With its wide range of features and support for various brands and models, it’s an excellent choice for mobile repair technicians or anyone who needs a reliable tool to work with.

So why wait ?

Download ACT Unlock Tool v3.0 today and simplify your mobile unlocking and maintenance tasks!

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