New Free TFT MTK Module Tool V6.1.1

New Free TFT MTK Module Tool V6.1.1

TFT MTK Module ver 6.1.1 Premium
  Function| Services | Read Info (ADB) 
  Function| Services | Reset Mi Account ( TWRP )
  Function| Services | Wipe Data /Cache (Fastboot)
TFT MTK Module ver 6.0.0 Premium
  Unlock Operation  | Security | Brom | Reset PassCode Keep Data Mth1 
  Unlock Operation  | Security | Brom | Reset PassCode Keep Data Mth2 
  Unlock Operation  | Services | Brom | Permenently Unlock
  Unlock Operation  |Services | Brom | Relocking Bootloder
  Unlock Operation  |Services | Brom | Unlock Bootloder

Added New
   Unlock Operation | Security | Brom | Safe Format Method Keep data
   Unlock Operation | Security | Brom | Erase ( RPMB ) Partition
   Unlock Operation | Security | Brom | Erase ( Boot ) Partition
   Unlock Operation | Samsung | Boot in Brom or crash to Brom (Samsung)
   Unlock Operation | Samsung | Crash Da in order to enter Brom (Samsung)
   Unlock Operation | Samsung | One Click Reset Frp Samsung A10s + A03s + A12 + A31 + A32 + A02 - No Test Point (Samsung)
   Meta Mode | Erase metadata and userdata
   Meta Mode | Boot to meta mode via payload
   Meta Mode | Factory Reset
   Unlock Operation | Services | Brom | Generate and display RPMB
   Unlock Operation | Backup | Brom | Read Dump Preloader
   Unlock Operation | Backup | Brom | Backup Room
   Unlock Operation | Backup | Brom | Backup ( Nvram,Efs,Sec_Efs,Nvcfg,Nvdata,Protect1,Protect2 )
   Backup EFS
   Restore EFS
   Write Partition Config XML
   Read Selected Partitoins
   Format Selected Partitions
   Erase NVData,NVRM 
   DM-Verity Corrupted Error Fix

Added New Model  
   Xiaomi (Poco M4 Pro , Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G , Redmi Note 11S , Redmi Note 12 , Xiaomi Mi 11i , Xiaomi Mi 11X  , Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro 5G , Xiaomi Mi 10T , Xiaomi Mi A3  , Xiaomi Mi 10i , Xiaomi Mi 10 , Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro , Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold , Xiaomi Mi A1 , Xiaomi Mi A2  , Redmi Y3  , Redmi Y2 , Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G , Xiaomi Mi5 , Xiaomi Mi Max)
   Realme (8i-RMX3151 , 9 Pro 5G-RMX3472)
   Oppo (OPPO F21 Pro , OPPO R9 , OPPO Reno8 Pro , OPPO Reno 2F)
   Infinix (x698 (Note 11S)  , X697 (Note 11 Pro) , X652B (S5 Lite))
   Tecno  (CH7 (Camon 18P) , Tecno i7 , Tecno Spark Go 2021)
   Samsung (Galaxy SM-A325B (A32 5G) , Galaxy SM-E426B (F42 5G))
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TFT MTK Module ver 5.0.6 Beta
Fix Mtk Universal MT6739
MTK Add Chip Soc
Add More Others Chip ....
Check Brand Update Added New
TFT MTK Module ver 5.0.5
Bugfixes and improvements:
Fix no connected device Broom
Add button Boot Info (Get Partitoin Table)
MTK Universal Supported | Brand (Auto) Model (Auto) (Just 1 Click)
CPU's Supported : MT6739, MT6739W, MT6750, MT6755,MT6761, MT6762, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6779, MT6873 MT6875, MT6883, MT6885, MT6889, MT6833, MT6853, MT6877, MT6891Z, MT6893
Brands : Xiaomi, Oppo , Realme, Vivo, Alcatel, Samsung, Zte, Nokia, Lava, Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, LG, Meizu, Htc...etc | Auth SLA Security Supported
TFT MTK Module ver 5.0.4
Bugfixes and improvements:
Fix Button tap BIN Flasher
Fix button tap OFP Extract 
Fix Permenently Unlock
Fixed wrong registers for some targets (mt6572,mt6735,mt6768,mt6785,mt8695)
fixes many device issues
Added New Models 
 ( SM-A037F, SM-A037F/DS, SM-A037M, SM-A037G, SM-A037U )
 (  Pro 6, Pro 7, Pro 7 Plus, Elephone X8, Vernee Apollo 2 )
 (  RMX3430 Narzo 50A, C25s-RMX3195-RMX3197, C20A-RMX3063 )
 (  LE7 Pova 2,KG8 Spark 8 Pro, Pova Neo, CH9 Camon 18 , KG6P Spark 8T, CG6 Camon 17, KF7J Spark 7P )
 (  POCO C3, Redmi 9 Activ )
 (  Hot 10S X689B, Hot 11 X662/X662B, X689C Hot 10T )

TFT MTK Module ver 5.0.3
Bugfixes and improvements:
Fix no connected device
Fix databases
MTK Universal Supported (Just One Click | Direct Operation)
Chip SoC : MT6739, MT6739W, MT6750, MT6755,MT6761, MT6762, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6779, MT6873, MT6875
MT6883, MT6885, MT6889 Added New Chip MediaTek Dimensity 1000, Dimensity 1000+,Dimensity 1000C ,Dimensity 1000L
Xiaomi, Oppo , Realme, vivo, Alcatel, Zte, Nokia, Lava, Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, LG, Meizu...etc
 No Need Select Model 
- Unlock Bootloader | Relock Bootloader
- Format partition/Wipe partition
- Erase FRP Samsung MTK (Testpoint, Bootrom)
- Factory Reset | Erase FRP
Huawei Mediatek Improved Remove ID for MTK MT6853, MT6873
- Huawei Enjoy 20 5G WKG-TN00 | WKG-AN00
- Huawei Enjoy 20 Plus 5G FRL-AN00a
- Huawei Nova 8 SE 5G JSC-AN00
- Huawei Nova 7 SE 5G Youth CND-AN00
- Huawei Enjoy Z 5G DVC-AN00
- Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro DVC-AN20
- Huawei Honor X10 Max 5G KKG-AN00 | KKG-AN10
- Huawei Honor 30 Lite MXW-AN00 | MXW-TN00
- Huawei Honor Play4 5G TNNH-AN00
MTK Universal Added for MTK MT6757, MT6757T, MT6757CD [Beta]
Added Devices Factory Reset | frp | Flashing | Unlock Bootloader ...
- Alcatel Idol 5s
- Meizu M3X
- Meizu E2 M2E
- Meizu M10 M1918
- Meizu Pro 7 M1792 | M1792L
- Meizu X U30
- BLU Vivo X
- BLU View Mega
- Gionee S10
- Gionee A1 Plus
- Infinix Hot 7 Pro
- Infinix Zero 5 Pro
- Lenovo K8
- Lenovo K8 Plus
- Tecno Phantom 8
- Ulefone Armor 2
- BLU View Mega
- Oukitel WP5000
- Doogee Y7 Plus
- Neffos N1
TFT MTK Module ver 5.0.1
Direct Operation
Direct Reset FRP (Boot Mode)
Direct Factory Reset + FRP Reset (Boot Mode)
Direct Unlock Bootloder (Boot Mode)
Direct Relocking Bootloder (Boot Mode)
Direct Factory Reset (Boot Mode)
Direct Bypass Auth (Boot Mode)
Unlock Operation
Security | Brom
Reset Protection FRP (Samsung)
Reset KG (Samsung)
Reset MDM (Samsung)
Backup IMEI (Samsung)
Restore IMEI (Samsung)
Factory Reset / FRP Reset (Samsung)
Read RPMB (Samsung)
Reset Protection (FRP)
Reset FRP (Erase Method)
Factory Reset / Format Userdata
Factory Reset / FRP Reset
Remove MiAccount (Erase Method)
Reset Mi Account / FRP (New Method)
Huawei Remove Huawei ID
Remove Password Keep data (New Method)
Remove Password Keep data
Reset PassCode Keep Data Mth1
Reset PassCode Keep Data Mth2
Services | Brom
Realme / Oppo / Vivo Fix Unknow Baseband
Permenently Unlock
Reset NV Data
Unlock Bootloder
Relocking Bootloder
Auth Bypass
NVRAM Erase (Zero)
Disable Verity / Realme
Fix Unknow Baseband (Need BackupIMEI)
Extra | Brom
Remove For Demo Vivo
Remove For Demo Oppo
Remove For Demo Realme
Fix Dl Not Complete Realme C2
Fix Dl Not Complete Realme C3
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo A1k 
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo A15
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F11
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F11 Pro
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F9 
Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F7
Backup | Brom
Backup Nvdata / Nvram
Oppo Custom Backup
NVRAM Backup
NVRAM Restore
Backup OEM Huawei
Restore OEM Huawei
Read Dump Preloader
Read Dump build.prop
Backup Boot / Vbmeta
Restore Boot / Vbmeta
Read Dump Boot
Bypass FRP ( MTP ) 
Reset FRP (Erase Method) (ADB)
Erase FRP ( Fastboot )
Remove Lock Screen (Delete SystemUI) ( ADB )
Remove MiAccount (Erase Method) ( ADB )
Xiaomi Anti-Relock ( ADB )
Unlock Screen Lock (ADB)
Reset PassCode (ADB)
Reset Oppo ID ( ADB )
Remove Huawei ID (ADB)
Factory Reset / Wipe Data ( ADB )
Read Info (ADB)
Read Info ( Fastboot )
Read info ( MTP )
Reset Mi Account ( TWRP )
Reset Micloud ( Fastboot )
Enable Diag (ADB/Root)
Wipe Data /Cache (Fastboot)
Disabling Sony Xperia Protect (ADB)
Vivo service system exeption (ADB)
Add Arabic [SAM/HTC/SONY/ETC..] (ADB)   
Enable Mobile Data ( ADB )
Repair IMEI
Generate IMEI 
Restore IMEI
Restoring Orgenal Imei
Fix IMEI Null Baseband Unknow
Read Nv Data
Reset EFS
FIX Wifi Forget
Fix Wifi Run
Patch Certificate

File Name : TFT MTK Module ver 6.1.1
install Password :TFT
File Size : 137 MB
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